Ángel Gabilondo, booed by supporters of Vox after the act of May 2

The socialist 4M candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, was booed by the cry of “exit” from several Vox supporters as he left Madrid’s seat of government in Puerta del Sol, where he had attended the institutional act of the 2 may.

In front of the media, Gabilondo chose to work “so that in Madrid there is a climate of union, there is no tension, there is no hatred” or “disqualification of those who think otherwise “with those who do not think the same thing.

However, before the end of his speech, a group of people started chanting “you have to vote for Vox, you have to vote for Vox” and “Rocío, throw the mats”, in reference to the far-right candidate of the formation, Rocío Monasterio, and that of Unidos Podemos, Pablo Iglesias.

Cries of “long live Spain” were also heard, as one of the people uttering the slogans raised his arm, apparently making the fascist salute, according to what laSexta cameras were able to capture.

Gabilondo, for his part, called for “avoiding tensions and these tensions”. “We need to reduce the tension, it is essential that those of us who think differently can coexist in the same space,” he added. During this time, several people started to sing: “Socialist Madrid, Third World Madrid”.

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