Ángel Gabilondo will repeat as candidate of the PSOE to the Community of Madrid: “It is an extraordinary honor”


Posted: Friday March 12 2021 12:18 PM

Ángel Gabilondo is the name chosen by the PSOE to contest the presidency of the Community of Madrid if justice finally approves the electoral advance announced by Díaz Ayuso for May 4. This was confirmed by credit sources at LaSexta and advanced “Al Rojo Vivo”.

Gabilondo said that for him it was an “extraordinary honor” to be the candidate of the PSOE in the Community of Madrid. “I have always shown my strong determination, but I have spoken with care and respect for the party itself, which is the one that decides. Now that I have the support of the party, it is an extraordinary honor for me. to be a candidate ”, declared the Socialist.

For his part, the socialist secretary general, José Manuel Franco, expressed the party’s “unwavering support” for Gabilondo after a meeting of the regional executive of the PSOE-M. Thus, the candidate of the Community of Madrid has the support of the party for the two possible scenarios: the electoral advance and the motion of censure against the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, promoted by the PSOE.

Already in the motion of censure presented by the PSOE in Madrid against the Ayuso government, his name appeared as the person responsible for the defense of this motion, but so far his name had not been confirmed.

In addition, the current Socialist spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly had already shown in the last hours that he was ready to repeat if the party requested it.

The electoral advance, decreed by Ayuso, depends on the decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid after the appeal presented by the Office of the Permanent Deputation of the Assembly of Madrid.

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