Ángel Garrido, former president of Madrid with the PP and former citizens’ adviser, leaves politics

Updated: Friday, March 19, 2021 12:55 PM

Posted on: 19.03.2021 10:23

The former president of the Community of Madrid with the PP and former Minister of Transport of the Ciudadanos region, Ángel Garrido, has decided to quit politics and not to repeat on the orange lists in the elections on May 4.

The one who was “ number two ” of Cristina Cifuentes and signing of Cs in the Madrid elections of 2019 has chosen to take a step back. His entry into the party at the hands of Ignacio Aguado was much commented on, after Pablo Casado bet on Isabel Díaz Ayuso to lead the popular candidacy for the Community without consulting him with the then chief executive of Madrid.

Through a statement, to which laSexta had access, Garrido said that “politics have changed” and that there is currently “bloc politics, radicalism and, to a large extent, tensions”, for him ” the worst-case scenario. pose “.

“I recognize my inability to adapt to this new scenario, which is not the fault of politics, but mine,” he added.

Ayuso’s electoral advance changed his plans

According to the letter, Garrido had decided to give up politics after that term ended, but the electoral advance changed his plans. Therefore, “after a minimum period of reflection with my loved ones (…) it should be the time to say goodbye.”

According to sources around this channel, Garrido is currently calm after making this decision, which has been very thoughtful. He is fully aware that a stage closes and a new one opens, they say.

In an interview on Telemadrid, Garrido stressed that “he neither wanted nor should” be the nominee and insisted that “there is a point where you have to leave things behind” because “he doesn’t no longer had that strength to face the elections “. .

In addition, he criticized all those who left Ciudadanos in recent days with severe attacks on the rulers. “I left the PP with affection for my old party. I do not understand these people who criticize those with whom they have shared everything,” he said.

In the coalition government of the Community of Madrid, he became Minister of Transport and, although his public activity had less projection – remembers his inauguration with Aguado of a dispenser of hydroalcoholic gel in a metro station – , it was an important counterweight to the role of the regional president on the Board of Governors.

After former vice president Ignacio Aguado decided to step down, his position in the party was compromised. In addition, he had appreciated going to the primaries to arrive at the top of the list of citizens of the region. Finally, the candidate will be the national spokesperson and congressman, Edmundo Bal.

Will participate in the election campaign of Bal

Garrido will take part in the electoral campaign, for which he wishes good luck to candidate Bal “who is now undertaking a difficult but exciting task”. “With his candidacy, Ciudadanos is in good hands to continue to be decisive in the Community of Madrid,” he said in the statement.

This is supported by Orange affiliates during the primaries: until Saturday at 9:00 p.m., candidates who have been in the party for at least 9 months can run. Then, from Sunday 21 at 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Monday March 22, they will be able to vote electronically, even if no alternative candidate is expected to contest the candidacy for the post of deputy.

Thanks to Aguirre, Rajoy, Casado, Rivera … and Cifuentes

En el comunicado hace una larga lista de agradecimientos a personas que han sido relevantes en su vida política: Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, Ana Botella, Esperanza Aguirre, Mariano Rajoy o Pablo Casado – “con quien compartí muchos años de amistad entrainable y un solo desencuentro” , precise-.

Also to Albert Rivera, whose case shows “the iniquity of politics”: “it shows that a person of Albert’s talent had to leave a parliament in which unfortunately we have to see daily collaborators of putschists, radicals and populists around the world. . guy, ”he said.

But above all, the most sincere recognition is the one he dedicates to his “dear and great friend”, Cristina Cifuentes, to whom he owes “the opportunity to have had the three best years of work in politics as a Advisor to the Presidency. I don’t know of a smarter, more hardworking and loyal person than Cris; it was a true honor to work for her and it is always an honor to be her friend. “

You can read the full resignation letter here.

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