Animal transmission by coronavirus: new coronavirus found in dogs: Corona virus found in humans in dogs

The COVID-19 outbreak caused by the Novel Corona virus has engulfed the world. Now scientists have discovered another corona virus. It can come from dogs to humans. It was first seen in 2018 and is the eighth corona virus from animals to humans. It is not yet clear how dangerous this is, but researchers say there is no fear of an outbreak.

There are several types of corona virus, four of which cause colds in humans and are not very harmful. Other corona viruses can cause Sars or Seas, both of which are fatal. Duke University and Ohio University named the new virus CCoV-HuPn-2018. His 8 patients were found in Malaysia, including 7 children. One child had pneumonia but recovered. He was released in 4-6 days.

Researcher Gregory Gray says the frequency of this virus, the speed at which it spreads from dogs to humans or between humans, no one knows. They say there can be many corona viruses that come from dogs to humans, but we don’t know about them. The diagnosis is still pending for the human corona virus, not for dogs.

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