Animal viral video: Two bees open bottle cap in viral video: Two bees were seen opening bottle cap

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Bees make honey, pollinate, and even recognize faces from math puzzles, but the abilities of these little creatures aren’t limited to that. An example of this was seen in a recent video. The intelligence, hard work and wit of the two bees are clearly visible in the video posted to Twitter. This video of bees trying to open a bottle cap is also going very viral.

According to ViralHog, a worker captured this incident on his phone during a lunch break in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the video, two bees are seen sitting near the lid of the cold drink bottle. They both sit face to face and move the cover to both sides. Seeing the little bees working smart and hard, the interest also increases and eventually the lid falls.

People also expressed surprise at this video and some also said it was fake, but science also maintains that bees are very smart. According to the Science Alert report, they also learn from each other and can use tools. She can also count and solve basic mathematical equations.

In research, bumblebees were trained to roll a golf ball. For that, they had to learn by looking at each other, which they did easily. Even though their brains make up 0.0002% of the human brain, new information about what they can do may surprise us as well.

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