Anna Megill leaves Remedy to write Fable history

Good news for all fans of the Fable series. Anna Megill is the newest addition to Playground Games. This studio, which is made by the new Fable, has a great team which is reinforced by the talent of Megill.

Fable will star Anna Megill to tell the story

If you haven’t played Remedy Entertainment games, we explain the excitement to you. In Remedy, they are experts at telling stories and who are also original. Not in vain Alan Wake, Quantum Break or the recent Control show different stories.

For this reason, having Anna Megill as the lead writer in Fable is a source of joy. Anna has worked as a screenwriter for big stories like Dishonored, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and many more. Sixteen years working in this industry and telling the most diverse stories.

I am delighted to say that I will start working at @WeArePlayground next year. I will be senior editor on Fable ✨

– Anna Megill (@cynixy) December 17, 2020

The last one was Control, but I happened to see his work at Dishonored and it’s amazing. A good story allows you to immerse yourself and get involved in it and Anna Megill does it very well.

Unfortunately, there is something wrong with this as well. If Anna was just hired, it means the game is at an early stage of development or her story was a bit stuck. Regardless, the positive part is definitely the incorporation of new talent into Playground Games. This will allow development to reach the highest levels of quality.

We are pleased that Playground Games continues to incorporate a quality team. We hope to be able to see what they’ve been working on next year and hopefully take advantage of that in 2022. This is definitely one of the most anticipated returns courtesy of Johanna Dark. After the abandonment and disbandment of LionHead Studios, we hope to be able to return to Albion very soon.

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