Annular Solar Eclipse: Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse June 10: The Ring of Fire will be seen in the Solar Eclipse

After Pink Supermoon and Blood Moon, now Suraj has also made preparations to show an incredible sight to the inhabitants of the earth. This time the moon will emerge from the front of the sun but only a part will be hidden. As a result of this event, a “ring of fire” will be seen in the sky on earth. This view is called the annular eclipse or “ring of fire”. This can take about an hour and six minutes. This year, that eclipse will take place on June 10.

In fact, at this time of year, the moon and the sun are in such a position on Earth that they both appear to be the same size. The Moon’s orbit is not circular, so it sometimes appears larger and sometimes smaller depending on its distance from Earth. When it is far away, it does not completely cover the sun when it comes between the earth and the sun and the outer part of the sun then looks like a ring.

Earth’s atmosphere will also have an effect on the Ring of Fire. Unless the moon and the sun reach the highest refraction, the eclipse will not be clear. This time, this eclipse can be seen in North America. It can be seen in many parts of America and Canada. However, it will not be visible in India. U.S. space agency NASA says places where the eclipse can be seen from Earth, even after moving several miles away, are likely to be seen if the skies are clear.

Although the moon hides most of the sun, experts say that instead of seeing it directly, special filters like solar viewing glasses or telescope binoculars should be used. Looking directly at the sun can damage the retina and lead to permanent vision loss.

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