Anthony Fauci News: Anthony Fauci email reveals relationship with Chinese official over covid-19 pandemic emails: Dr Anthony Fauci denigrates relationship with China over origin of corona virus

Leaked emails from Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s top epidemiologist and adviser to the President, are still raging. The 866-page emails allege that Dr Fauci was in contact with top Chinese scientists and rejected the Wuhan lab theory. Let us tell you that at the beginning of the spread of the corona virus infection, many scientists claimed that this virus was made in the laboratory. The then US President Donald Trump also blamed the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan for this.

Fauchi called the report garbage
Dr Fauchi called the leak garbage. After that, the leaders of the opposition Republican Party launched personal attacks against him. Several leaders called on Fauchi to step down immediately. US Senator and Republican Leader Rand Paul called Fauchi a doctor of fraud. In fact, Donald Trump and most of his party leaders already see Dr. Fauci as a villain. This is the reason Trump has publicly criticized Fauci on several occasions.

I spoke about Corona with a Chinese scientist
The US media outlet Washington Post claimed based on leaked emails from Fauchi that on March 28, 2020, George Gao, director of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, sent Dr Fauchi. In this letter, Gao apologized to Nefaucchi for his criticism of not encouraging Americans to wear masks. Let us tell you that Gao had said earlier that America was making a huge mistake in not asking its people to wear masks.

America’s Top Epidemiologist Dr Fauchi Stuck On Corona, Email Leak Revealed Connections With Chinese Scientist
What did the Chinese scientist write to Fauchi?
Chinese scientist Gao wrote that how can I use a heavy word like “big mistake” on others? It is not mine but the word given by the media. Hope you understood. Let’s work together to bring this virus out of the earth. In response to this email, Dr Fauchi, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, wrote that I fully understand. There is no problem. We will achieve this goal together.

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Fauchi’s relationship with Bill Guest also called into question
In the leaked email, Dr Fauci also spoke with an executive from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. After which the name of Bill Gates was also included in this ruckus. The executive then raised concerns about Dr Fauci’s health in a conversation with Gates adviser Emilio Emini. Emini wrote in an email on April 2, 2020 that I see you on TV almost every day. You have a lot of energy, I am seriously worried about you. The nation and the world desperately need your leadership. The next morning after receiving this email, Fauci replied that I would try to reach as much of my current situation as possible.

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