Anthony Fauci on Covishield Second dose gap: correction of the duration of the second dose of corona vaccine in India

US-based infectious disease specialist Dr Anthony Fauchi has supported the extension of the second dose of corona covicile vaccine in India. Dr Fauchi said if you don’t have enough vaccine, it’s wise to extend the time between the first and second dose. More people will take at least one dose of the corona vaccine.

Dr Fauchi said there is no chance that postponing the second dose of the corona virus vaccine will have a detrimental effect on its effects. Earlier Thursday, the gap between the two doses of the Corona Covicield vaccine from Oxford in India fell from 6-8 weeks to 12-16 weeks. The National Technical Advisory Group (NTAGI) says the gap in the UK is 12 weeks, which the WHO has also justified.

“ There are more benefits if there is more difference between the two doses ”
NTAGI says the UK has learned from this experience. In fact, this gap is only 12 weeks in Britain and the European Union has not even suggested increasing it. In some studies it has been said that the longer the interval between the two doses, the greater the benefit. Research data from international teams on this vaccine has shown that a 12-week difference between the two doses has more impact. Trials in the United States, Peru and Chile have shown that giving a second dose at intervals of more than four weeks was 79% more effective.

Data from other countries showed that giving a second dose after 6 weeks had more effect. In Brazil, Britain and South Africa, the effect of administering the second dose 6-8 weeks later was found to be 59.9%, 63.7% after 9-11 weeks and 82.4% after 12 weeks or more. The study was published in The Lancet in February, but was not peer reviewed. Currently, no study has seen the effect of a second dose after 16 weeks.

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