Anthony Fauci says coronavirus situation in India is critical by Modi government in country: top US expert Anthony Fausi advises, Corona virus situation in India is serious, government has locked country

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Dr Anthony Fauchi expressed concern about the rapid growth of corona virus cases in India. Fauchi said a national lockdown should be put in place in India, vaccinated.
Dr Anthony Fauchi, America’s foremost health expert and chief medical adviser to the White House, has raised concerns about the rapid growth of corona virus cases in India. Fauchi said a nationwide lockdown should be put in place in India, a large-scale vaccination campaign and a large number of temporary hospitals should be built. He also advised the military to take help to deal with the outbreak.

Considered one of the world’s top infectious disease experts, Dr Fauchi also advised India to enlist the help of military forces to tackle the outbreak on Monday. He said the armed forces can be enlisted to immediately build a temporary hospital. Dr Fauchi said, “When China had a serious problem last year, it mobilized its resources to build new hospitals very quickly, so that they could provide hospitals for everyone who needed to be admitted.

“ The field hospital should be built with the help of the army ”
He cited reports in the media that there is a serious shortage of beds at the hospital and people are being taken care of under temporary arrangements. Dr Fauchi suggested that India build field hospitals with the help of its army in the same way as during the war, so that those who are sick and need to be admitted to hospital can have beds. He said the Indian government is probably already doing this.

Dr Fauci said: “It is clear that the situation in India is very serious”. He said: ‘When people are infected in such large numbers, not enough care is taken for everyone, there is a shortage of beds, oxygen and other medical items in hospitals, so it becomes a very frustrating situation. In view of this, we believe that the whole world should help in any way possible ”. He said there are some things that India can do in the short, medium and long term.

“ More and more people should start vaccinating ”
Dr Fauci said: “The first thing they should do is start vaccinating more and more people, whether it is vaccines developed by them or vaccines purchased from other suppliers like Russia. and America. ” He said, however, that the problem of vaccination today will not be eradicated. This will help prevent the problem in several weeks. Referring to steps that can be taken immediately, he said: “I know India is already taking a lot of steps so I am not telling you something that you are not already doing. A few days ago I suggested that the lockdown should be implemented in the country and that the lockdown has been implemented in parts of India.

The US expert said: “China did it last year, it did it when the transition extended to Australia, New Zealand did, many other countries have implemented a full lockdown for a limited period. You don’t need a six month lockdown. You can apply the lockdown for a few weeks. “It is clear from experiences of implementing locks in other countries that locks reduce the rate of infection and interrupt the continuity of infection,” he said.

“ India under great pressure due to increase in corona virus cases ”
Dr Fauci said other countries around the world can help India by providing equipment and personnel, like the United States is providing oxygen cylinders, concentrators and generators. He said India often helps other countries in emergency situations. He said: “India is under great pressure due to the increase in corona virus cases so other countries should help it like America.”

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