Anti-corruption believes that the kitchen would have achieved its objectives and steal documents in Bárcenas


Posted: Thursday June 17 2021 4:06 PM

The magistrate lifted the summary secrecy on the Kitchen. A summary in which stands out the letter from the anti-corruption prosecutor. This ensures that Operation Kitchen achieved its objectives and that some police officers who are under investigation as part of the proceedings ended up with documents held by former treasurer Luis Bárcenas or his wife Rosalía Iglesias.

In the summary, which laSexta had access to, they also refer to how Bárcenas driver Sergio Ríos was arrested and up to nine different phones, a USB stick and a SIM card were seized. Thus, they specify that they hired the driver to do “an occasional service” for Bárcenas and that they took the opportunity to move their business from the office in Genoa to the “zulo”, in the name of Villarejo, on Calle Díaz Porlier ( the by Rosalía Iglesias).

This is the only part that has remained secret in this case, a separate room that the judge opened on September 15, 2020 following the search of the home of the former lawyer of the Bárcenas family and in which the said elements have been seized.

The magistrate lifts the summary secrecy of the case two weeks after the declaration of María Dolores de Cospedal and her husband, whom he recently accused of suspecting that they could have a decisive participation in the recruitment of the driver as confidant of the police, through Commissioner Andrés. Gómez Gordo, who was an advisor to the former minister when she presided over the government of Castilla-La Mancha.

In this case, the judge is investigating the alleged launch by the Ministry of the Interior of this operation in July 2013 to obtain the documents that Bárcenas was keeping and which could compromise the leaders of the PP. Besides Cospedal, other former senior officials are accused, such as former Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz and his then number two, Francisco Martínez.

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