Anti-eviction decree, who does it concern and until when? Who will not be able to cut off the electricity or the water?

Publication: Tuesday, December 22, 2020 6:03 AM

The decree paralyzing the evictions reaches the Council of Ministers on Tuesday and will include a ban on cutting off supplies (electricity, water and gas) to all vulnerable families until the end of the state of alert on May 9.

The final text, except surprise, includes compensation for the owners concerned, also in the case of large holders, such as banks and investment funds, as the PSOE wanted.

And as United Podemos wished, the government will extend the guarantee that the supply will not be cut off to all vulnerable consumers, and not just the vulnerable at risk of exclusion, during the period remaining until the end of the alarm state.

We review the keys to the two measures that the Council of Ministers will approve on Tuesday:

Stop evictions

Evictions without housing alternatives of vulnerable families who cannot pay their rent are suspended while the state of alert lasts, and the departures of vulnerable families with minors, dependents or victims of gender-based violence residing in large real estate houses are also paralyzed, although they do not have a contract Social services of the autonomous communities must offer a decent alternative before the end of the suspension of the eviction Compensation to owners: after three months, if a housing alternative had not been provided, the owners will be compensated from the moment in which the suspension was accepted. In the case of large owners, they will only be compensated if the house was for sale or for rent before entering the property and if they can justify economic damage.

Prohibition of supply cuts

In a state of alert, electricity, water and natural gas cuts for vulnerable consumers, seriously vulnerable or threatened with social exclusion are prohibited. This measure will apply not only to contract holders, but also to those who cannot prove it but meet one of these conditions, be able to justify it to social services or NGOs.

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