Anti-Islam Tweet in Pakistan: Chinese diplomat Zhang Heqing tweet about Hijab in Pakistan Anti-Islam: Hijab of Chinese diplomat in Pakistan and contested tweet against Islam

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A Chinese diplomat stationed in Pakistan complained about the hijab tweet insulting people complaining about Imran Khan and the Chinese foreign ministry diplomat – a Chinese official insulted Islam.
A Chinese diplomat’s hijab tweet posted in Pakistan created a ruckus. Not only Pakistan’s religious parties, many ordinary people have also complained about this to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry. People called for action, calling it an attack on Islam and the hijab. Let us know that China is already committing heavy atrocities against Muslims in Xinjiang, but not a word has ever come out of the mouth of Imran Khan, who contracts Islam all over the world.

Chinese Embassy Counselor tweeted
In fact, two days ago, Jeng Heqing, counselor and director of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, tweeted a video of a dance by a predominantly Muslim Chinese girl from Xinjiang. In the caption of which he wrote in English and Chinese taking your hijab off, let me see your eyes. He said in another tweet that most people in China would like to sing this song from Xinjiang.

China forcibly sterilizes Muslims
China is already sterilizing and forcibly aborting Uïgar Muslims. Some experts are calling the campaign in far west Xinjiang a “demographic carnage” of sorts. Interviews and statistics show that the province requires women in minority communities to undergo regular pregnancy check-ups, requiring them to undergo intrauterine devices (intrauterine device, IUD) in addition to undergoing sterilizations and abortions for millions of women.

Thousands of Uighar Muslim children ‘orphan’ in China, parents jailed in detention camps
China calls detention camps a vocational training center
However, Chinese leaders deny it. They call these detention camps a vocational training center. According to the Chinese government report, 415,000 Uighar Muslims were imprisoned in southern Xinjiang from 2014 to 2019. Many of these people have also been imprisoned more than once. In total, more than 80 million people are currently held in detention camps in China.

China continues to persecute Muslims for Hajj, 42 new rules released
What is the trend of Muslim countries including Pakistan
So far, no Muslim country has openly opposed China for the atrocities committed against Uigar Muslims. Not a single word has been spoken from the mouths of Muslims around the world, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan. Not all of these countries want to fall prey to China’s hostility by falling into this business. However, their attitude towards Muslims is very strict in any other part of the earth.

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