Anti-mask protest: Anti-mask protest in America Viral video: Video of people protesting with masks in America goes viral

All countries are increasing the speed of vaccination to save the world struggling with the corona virus. The World Health Organization also constantly calls on people not to be negligent even after taking the vaccine and to apply masks in public places. But, in America, there are groups of people who urge people not to wear masks. When one of those groups called on children not to wear masks outside a school in Beverly Hills, Calif., Police had to be deployed there.

Called on school children not to wear masks
In the video, a crowd of 8-10 urges children leaving school to not wear masks. These people also took posters written with a slogan against the wearing of questionnaire lines and masks. Outside Beverly Hills Elementary School, a woman among the protesters is heard yelling at people not to wear masks. She says I know you hate masks … they smell bad.

Has shown no effect on children
All the children who passed by the school wore masks. The protests of these people do not seem to have had any effect on them. Some children, along with their parents, were seen walking past these protesters, but they also ignored the call not to wear masks.

WHO has also issued guidelines for children’s masks
In August last year, the World Health Organization called on all children over 12 to wear masks. The WHO has said in its guidelines that children over 12 should wear masks as adults. The United Nations agency also said that guidelines for wearing masks for the elderly should also apply to children over 12.

Should children wear masks or not? WHO published new rules
Do not wear masks for children under 5 years old
The World Health Organization has said that children 5 and younger should not wear masks. At the same time, children aged 6 to 11 wear masks in places where infection with the corona virus is more common. Other than that, children this age wear masks even in places where adults are more susceptible. Elderly people in the house were also advised to pay attention to how children wear masks and take off.

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