Antony Blinken India: China poses challenge to US and India; strong message from Biden’s foreign minister in Pakistan too – Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken says China is becoming a challenge for India and us

Potential US Secretary of State Antony Blinken believes India and the US face a challenge similar to that of “increasingly assertive” China. Not only that, New Delhi should be an important US negotiating partner maintaining a strong position with China. Blinken alleged that President Donald Trump helped undermine the U.S. alliance and advance China’s important strategic goals and leave nothing in the world for China to fulfill.

Blinken also alleged that Donald Trump abandoned American values ​​and gave the green signal to crush democracy in Hong Kong. In a digital panel discussion on “ U.S. Indian and U.S. Indian relations under Joe Biden’s administration, ” Blinken told people of Indian descent that we have a similar challenge to face in dealing with the More and more noisy China. This includes its aggression against India along the real line of control.

“ China wants to suppress the others thanks to the economic power ”
He said China wanted to suppress the rest because of its economic strength. It ignores international rules to expand its interests and makes groundless maritime and territorial claims. It threatened the freedom of navigation in some important seas of the world. India and China have faced a stalemate along the line of effective control in the eastern region of Ladakh since May.

Blinken was Biden’s foreign policy adviser during his tenure as vice president. He referred to the Chinese action in Hong Kong and described it as a suppression of the rights and democracy of its people. Blinken had said that we needed to step back and put ourselves in a strong position from where we could negotiate with China so that the relationship worked on our terms and not theirs.

‘Will work with close partners like India’
The future US Secretary of State said India should be an important partner in this endeavor. If newly elected President Joe Biden becomes Blinken’s foreign minister and is confirmed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Blinken would replace Mike Pompeo. In response to a question from Richard Verma, former US Ambassador to India, Blinken said that as President, Biden will work to renew our democracy. Will work with close partners like India.

He said that during the Obama-Biden administration, we worked hard to make India a major contributor to the Indian Pacific Strategy. India’s role is to work with like-minded countries to maintain and strengthen rules-based arrangements in the Indian Pacific. In this, no country, including China, can threaten its neighbors.

‘Will help India become a member of the Security Council’
Blinken said that in Biden’s administration, we would like India to play a role in international institutions and help India become a member of the UN Security Council. Blinken said we will work together to strengthen India’s defense and enhance its capabilities as a counterterrorism partner. In response to another question, he said the Biden administration would not tolerate terrorism in South Asia at all. Whether it’s across the border or other places.

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