Antony Blinken on China: US Says Holds China Responsible for Abuses of International System: America Holds China Accountable for Violations of International System

US government Joe Biden doesn’t appear to be taking a tough stance on China just yet. This became clear with the latest statement from the country’s Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken. Blinken said, “In my conversation with Beijing’s counterpart, Yang Jiechi, I made it clear that the United States will protect its national interests, uphold democratic values, and hold Beijing accountable for violations of the international system.”

‘Hong Kong, Tibet will talk about Xinjiang’
Blinken stressed that the United States will defend human rights and democratic values, including Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong, and will pressure China to condemn Myanmar’s coup d’état with the international community. Blinken reiterated that the United States will protect its shared values ​​and interests with its allies and hold China responsible for the threat to stability in all areas, including the Taiwan Strait in the Indo-Pacific.

Biden had told the most serious opponent
Previously, US President Joe Biden, in his first foreign policy speech, described China as “America’s most serious adversary” and vowed to confront Beijing over human rights, intellectual property. and economic policy. He also said that when it came to America’s best interests, he was ready to work with Beijing.

China said common interests are more important
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded to Biden’s statement: “China and the United States as a great country can play a role in common interests and bring peace, stability and prosperity in the world “. Wang said, “It is natural that we have differences, but our common interests are more important.” Great achievements can be achieved through our cooperation.

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