antony blinken on pakistan: antony blinken: the new US foreign minister antony blinken bad news for pakistan? – What does the appointment of Antony Blinken as Secretary of State for Pakistan mean?

Strong points:

Anthony Blinken has been appointed US Secretary of State, Blinken has taken a strong stance on terrorism and sees India as an important defense ally.
With the arrival of a new government in the United States, the appointment of Anthony Blinken as Minister of Foreign Affairs caused a stir in international politics. Especially Blinken’s attitude towards India can cause problems in Pakistan. Blinken not only took a strong stand on the issue of terrorism, but also emphasized significant cooperation with India in this direction. Blinken’s appointment can be difficult for Pakistan, which is already trying to get off the FATF gray list.

Strong position on the issue of terrorism
In fact, even before, Blinken took a strong stand on the issue of cross-border terrorism. He said that by working with the Indian defense system, it will be strengthened and its counterterrorism capabilities will be enhanced. He said terrorism would not be tolerated in South Asia or any other part of the world. Significantly, Pakistan is trying to get off the gray list of the FATF (Financial Action Task Force). In such a situation, the cooperation and gentle attitude of other countries is very important to him. If it fails to get off the gray list, then its already fragile economy may collapse.

Joe Biden announces key cabinet names, Antony Blinken to become foreign minister

The lawyers have spoken
However, Blinken previously advocated a dialogue between India and Pakistan in December 2015 as Deputy Secretary of State. Blinken attended a conclave in Islamabad, Afghanistan in which then Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and her Pakistani counterpart Sartaj Aziz announced the talks. However, after that, the dialogue can never take concrete form because of Pakistan’s terrorist attack on India. At the same time, with the formation of Narendra Modi in India and the Biden government in America, it will be a question of whether Blinken will continue with his old position in the current situation.

India is an important partner
It is clear that for Blinken, cooperation with India is an important point. He told the Hudson Institute in Washington DC: “Strengthening relations with India will be a priority. This will be necessary for the future of the Indo-Pacific and for the system we want. It is fair, stable and democratic and is necessary to face major global challenges ”. He said it was the priority of every Republican and Democratic government.

China, which challenged Biden’s strong message to Pakistan’s foreign minister, has become a challenge for America-India

He spoke about making India an important defense partner of the United States in the Obama administration. He said steps were taken in this direction in the Narendra Modi government after former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Thanks to this, efforts were made to strengthen the Indian defense industry and to develop important technology by working with companies from both countries.

During a panel discussion on Indo-American relations, Blinken raised the issue of UN reforms. He said: “We will advocate playing an important role in India’s international institutions under the Biden administration. This would include granting India a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

China is a challenge
Speaking about China’s aggressive policies, Blinken said that a common challenge between India and the United States is China being an economic aggressor against India and putting pressure on others using its economic dominance. He said Biden will work with partners like India to rebuild democracy. China will face a strong position and India will be an important part of this effort.

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