Antony Blinken warns China: US Secretary of State warns China, respect world order, otherwise violence will increase – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warns China to respect world order or to face a more violent world

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday warned China to respect the world order or “face a more violent world”. He told Chinese officials in Alaska that cyber attacks on Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, and economic secession against American friends posed a threat to the law-based system.

According to a CNN report, Blinken made the remark during a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and National Security Advisor Yang Jiichi. This is the first high-level meeting in Alaska to ease tensions between the two countries. Blinken said the United States intended to “protect the law-based system that creates global stability.” He said that without it the world would become more violent.

The US Secretary of State also rejected China’s claim that Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong are all home affairs. Blinken said our administration wants to move forward with diplomacy to advance America’s interests and strengthen the world order based on law. He said this system helps to resolve disputes peacefully and effectively coordinate multilateral efforts.

At the same time, this system gives the opportunity to participate in such global trade which ensures that all countries follow the same rules. Explain that China’s aggression in the East China Sea and South China Sea continues to increase. Not only that, the human rights of Uighar Muslims are being violated in China, which has been called genocide by the US administration. Even after the departure of the Trump administration, China’s attitude towards the United States has not changed much and this latest statement from Blinken is seen in that sense.

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