Anvee Bhutani, student of Indian origin, elected president of the Oxford Students ‘Union in a by-election: Anvi Bhutani, of Indian origin, wins the by-election of the Oxford Students’ Union and becomes president

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Indian-born student Anvi Bhutani was declared the winner of the student union by-election. Anvi Bhutani was the 2021-2022 university session by-election candidate, co-chair of the awareness and equality campaign racialism within the Oxford Students’ Union.
Anvi Bhutani, an anthropology student of Indian descent at Magdalen College at the University of Oxford, was declared the winner of the student union by-election. Anvi Bhutani, co-chair of the Racial Awareness and Equality Campaign at the Oxford Students’ Union and President of the Oxford India Society, was a candidate in the 2021-2022 academic session by-election.

A record number of votes were cast in these elections. He was declared the winner on Thursday night. According to the student newspaper “Cherwell”, Bhutani included in his manifesto FIRs such as the imposition of a wage for the livelihood of Oxford, the separation of social services and disciplinary measures and the diversification of the program.

Highest vote ever recorded for by-elections
In her victory manifesto, Anvi said, “Use the suggestions from the student campaigns to work with initiatives such as Oxford and the Center for Colonization to make the program more diverse.” He said: “Promote more funding for existing mental health support programs, work for better access to college counseling services and shorter wait times. According to the newspaper, the highest vote has been recorded so far for the by-election.

Previously, Rashmi Samant was the first Indian woman to be elected president of the Oxford University Students Union. However, he resigned after a dispute and had to stand a by-election. She is doing her MA in the subject of energy systems from Linacre College, Samanta University. In the elections, he won a great victory by obtaining 1,966 votes out of 3,708 votes. Samant studied at the Manipal Institute of Technology in Karnataka.

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