Aon Espaa brings together young business talents to meet Next isNOW

Aon Espaa supported the celebration of the event “Next isNOW”, the third edition of the meeting organized by the young talents of the company, in which representatives of the young generations of the main Spanish companies participated. Held on this occasion virtually, the participants had the opportunity to share with personalities from the world of innovation the subjects that interest them most in the context of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Ada Garca and Ibon Beracierto, members of the Next Generation Committee of Aon Espaa, were in charge of the conduct of the event, with which Aon wanted to show the two faces of entrepreneurship, answering questions such as: can- I undertake within my company? Do I have to create a start-up to consider myself an entrepreneur? what do i need to create a start-up?

Throughout the debate, Joan Sanmart, founder of EXUM; Laura Snchez, EMEA Digital Business & Partnerships Manager at Klinc (Zurich); and Anna Villar, Head of HR & Rewards at HENKEL, defined the most important aspects that currently define the context of entrepreneurship, both external and internal. Everyone agrees that it is not always necessary to seek a revolutionary idea, but that already existing processes can often be analyzed and improved. They also highlighted the emergence of COVID as a trigger for a new scenario, which has generated new ideas, successes and, in general, a more open mindset for entrepreneurship.

According to Joan Sanmart, “It is very important to know the area where I am going to enter. There is no point in having a good idea if you are not familiar with the environment in which it is going to be applied. To be an entrepreneur, you have to be obsessed with the project and passionate about the industry ”. He also stressed the importance of talent in entrepreneurial processes, because “investors don’t just invest in an idea, they invest in people and teams”.

Regarding intrapreneurship, the importance of aligning personal objectives with those of the company in these projects was underlined. Anna Villar said that “as an advantage, once you have the support it is always much easier to move forward than in a start-up, as well as to sustain it over time and to internationalize it. , even if depending on the department there may be more or less interest in this type of project. Projects”.

Laura Snchez insisted that “to be an entrepreneur in a multinational, it is important that there is the right mindset, both on the part of the company to support entrepreneurship, and of the people / teams, to get involved and achieve results with limited resources “.

Pablo Montoliu, CIIO of Aon Espaa, was responsible for closing the meeting, concluding that “innovation is about converting ideas into value”.

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