Apple invites you to “try the new Safari” when opening Microsoft Edge on MacOS

It’s no secret that every operating system development company is also looking to introduce its services. Microsoft does this with Windows 10 and Google with Android. The browser market is just one more front, since everything points to the future of cloud services passing, more and more, through these web interpreters.

However, it is surprising that Apple is now another competitor in this competition and applies the same strategies as Google and Microsoft. According to Daniel Rubino of Windows Central, the Cupertino company started promoting its Safari browser when the user launched Microsoft Edge on MacOS.

“TRY THE NEW SAFARI”, when opening Microsoft Edge

The notification that appears says “TRY THE NEW SAFARI. Fast, efficient and beautifully designed ”. This notification only appears when opening Microsoft Edge. Apple does not apply this same practice when using other Microsoft applications on their devices … It does not even appear when you open Google Chrome, the most used browser in the world by market share.

Lol k

– Daniel Rubino (@Daniel_Rubino) March 3, 2021

From ZDNet, they indicate that this move could be a sign of respect for Microsoft Edge. While we don’t have browser usage quotas on MacOS, Apple ecosystem users typically don’t switch browsers, precisely to maintain ecosystem benefits. However, it may be that Microsoft Edge’s numbers on macOS are large enough that Apple is starting to take it seriously.

However, this is not as aggressive a practice as the Redmond company when it comes to promoting Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Remember that when updating to Windows 10 Version 20H2, the Browser startup animation opens to the Full screen to welcome the user. Something which, without a doubt, is quite an intrusive experience.

Additionally, Microsoft uses notification bubbles in the taskbar, the suggested apps section, and the Settings app to encourage you to switch browsers. All this without mentioning that if you search for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox from Microsoft Search, it suggests that you try Microsoft Edge.

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