Apple updates iCloud in Windows 10 due to security concerns

At the end of the day, all large businesses are exposed to potential attacks and threats, and Apple is no exception. The Cupertino company announced an update to iCloud in Windows 10. The application allowed the execution of arbitrary code.

iCloud struggling in Windows 10

Apple announced that it updated iCloud for Windows 10. The reason, according to the US Agency for Cyber ​​Security and Threats, was the execution of arbitrary code from iCloud. This exposed and endangered our equipment and posed a great risk.

The Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) encourages you to visit Apple’s security page. ICloud update for Windows 11.5 is now available. This update should resolve any security issues that have been found.

So now you know, if you are using this app in Windows 10, check for possible updates. In this case and coming from the CISA, we understand that we are facing a serious security threat. Avoid possible risks and update as soon as possible. On the other hand, if we know more, we will let you know about the problem of the said vulnerability and if it has been used by hackers.

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