Appointment of Neera Tanden threatened: Confirmation of the candidate of Indian descent of American origin Neera Tandon, protests underway – US President Joe Biden Neera Tanden’s appointments are threatened

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Upon confirmation of the nomination of American-Indian Neera Tandon on behalf of Joe Biden, three members of the Republican Party and a Democratic MP decided to vote against him. These deputies cited the behavior of Neera Tandon on social networks. Given Washington
The crisis was clouded by the confirmation of the appointment of Native American Neera Tandon by US President Joe Biden as director of the White House’s office of management and budget. In fact, three Republican Party MPs and at least one Democratic MP have decided to vote against him. He cited Tandon’s behavior on social media for this.

Tandon reportedly deleted over 1,000 tweets before the testing process began. He also apologized to senators for their comments on social media during a hearing confirming his name earlier this month. The White House said Monday it was contacting Democrats and Republican lawmakers to confirm Tandon’s name.

Portman announced his vote against Tandon
White House press secretary Jane Saki told reporters at a daily press conference: “We don’t take anything lightly and our effort is not only to contact Republican lawmakers, but also making sure Democrats have questions and concerns, they need to be answered too.Republic MP Rob Portman announced his vote against Tandon during the hearing process.

Two other deputies, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney, announced their vote against him. Earlier, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin opposed confirmation of Tandon’s name on Friday and is the first Democratic lawmaker to do so. There are 50 Democrats in the Senate and 50 Republican Party members, and Manchin’s announcement last week rocked confirmation of Tandon’s appointment.

Portman alleges that due to Tandon’s attitude and the statements she has made in public, she will not be able to work effectively with both parties in her role. Amid fears of a confirmation of Tandon’s name, the White House called him “an excellent political expert” and Biden said he supported his name.

US caucus members sent letter to 100 Senate members
Collins said Monday that Tandon did not have the right experience or temperament to run this important agency. A spokesperson confirmed that Romney would also oppose Tandon’s comments on social media. During the confirmation hearing, Tandon apologized for attacking key Republican lawmakers on social media. The Senate Budget Committee will vote this week on Tandon’s appointment. Meanwhile, members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus sent a letter to the 100 Senate members, calling for confirmation of Tandon’s name.

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