Araceli, 96, first person vaccinated against COVID-19 in Spain

Posted: Sunday December 27 2020 09:10

The most anticipated image has already been produced. A worker and a user at the Los Olmos residence in Guadalajara have already received the first of two doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.

Their names are Araceli, 96, and Mónica Tapias, the first health worker to receive the vaccine. The two called on the population to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

“Nothing hurt,” Araceli said after receiving the puncture. “It is a pride to be the first sanitary vaccinated,” added Mónica, who sent a message for everyone to be vaccinated.

It was early in the morning, at 9 a.m., when the historic moment occurred. They launched the vaccination process in our country, the first phase of which has already started and which should last until March.

“Araceli Rosario Hidalgo is the first person vaccinated in our country”, collected the Ministry of Health on his Twitter account. Over the next 12 weeks, 2,295,638 people will be vaccinated with the 4,591,275 doses we will receive during the same period.

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