Aragonès accuses the Supreme Court of maintaining a “repressive line” by opposing the pardons of the prisoners on trial

Updated: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 2:02 PM

Published on: 05/26/2021 2:01 PM

The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, criticized the report of the Supreme Court (TS) which opposes pardons to the prisoners of the trials: “It follows the repressive line typical of the general cause against the independence movement”. This is how the Catalan leader said during a press conference held after the first meeting of the new government. During his speech, Aragonès recalled that the solution, in his opinion, is through “amnesty”.

However, the President of the Generalitat has acknowledged that they will not reject mechanisms that can “relieve the pain” of convicts, thus accepting the possibility of pardons. Aragonès hopes to be able to speak with Pedro Sánchez by telephone in the coming days in order to let him know that the Government’s commitment continues to be the exercise of self-determination and amnesty.

Precisely, in the speech which he proclaimed shortly before in the inauguration act of the 14 new Aragonese advisers, he insisted on his attachment to the “full freedom” of the independentist “prisoners and exiles” and with the objective of the independence of Catalonia. A speech in which he this time included a reference to his “predecessors” in the government who are now “in prison and in exile” having suffered “reprisals”.

Aragonès thanked the new councilors for “their commitment to serve with honesty, humility and a transformative vocation” to the citizens of Catalonia, and also addressed thanks to their predecessors for having governed at a very difficult stage marked by the fight against the pandemic . . The president called on new members of government to “work tirelessly” to promote “the quake the country needs” through social, feminist, green and democratic transformation.

We must resolve the conflict with the state by exercising the right to self-determination and amnesty >>

The objective must be, he said, to transform in order to build “a future of well-being for all” but also “to tackle the conflict with the State by the exercise of the right to self-determination. and amnesty “. After recalling that in his new Executive there are more advisers than ministers, Aragonès explained that they will have him by their side in their daily work.

“Today is a day to talk little and start working, and I ask that the enthusiasm and joy you feel today permeate every decision you need to make,” he said. The President of the Generalitat proclaimed that “we are one nation and we are one people”, and at this point he asked the advisers not to forget that “we have some of our predecessors in prison and in exile who suffered reprisals for having wanted the Catalans to democratically decide the future of the country “.

In this sense, he invited them to work to achieve their freedom and also “for the whole country”, as well as to “transform” the latter in order to make it “more just, prosperous, green and free”. “Thank you for wanting to accompany me in this challenge, we have the future of Catalonia in our hands, making you worthy of this enormous responsibility”, concluded Father Aragonés.

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