Aragonès calls on Junts to conclude an investiture agreement “as soon as possible” and Illa calls for an alternative

PSC president in parliament Salvador Illa called on ERC and Junts to “get off the confrontation bus” and defended the formation of a government. “That they stop making badges of good and bad Catalans, which only increase sharing when what is needed is exactly the opposite: working together, loyally and in coordination”, he said. said this Saturday in statements to journalists after a visit to Canovelles (Barcelona).

He recalled his victory in the 14F elections and demanded that he be given the opportunity to form “a government of civil servants, which is concerned with defeating the virus, reactivating and transforming the economy and ensuring that no one not be left behind ”. On the other hand, he declared that he saw the ERC candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Father Aragonès, “politically very weakened” after the two failed investiture rounds.

“The separatist parties put on a very discouraging spectacle, which greatly discourages the public,” he added. After visiting several businesses in the town of Canovelles, Illa affirmed the need to be “close to them” and to have the support of the administrations, in particular after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Generalitat, for the moment, is in something else, it is absent; and there is an alternative to that, and that alternative is led by the socialists and led by whoever speaks to them, ”he remarked.

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