Aragonès demands to meet the government at the dialogue table before the summer holidays

Posted: Sunday May 30 2021 3:04 PM

The government is ready to assume the political cost of pardons to the prisoners of the trial, but demands that President Pere Aragonès assume its own. The President of the Generalitat, for his part, demands that the dialogue table with the central government be launched in the coming weeks and positively values ​​the possibility of pardon: “In any case, before the summer holidays we must start the table negotiation with the State ”, affirmed

The same position is maintained by Junts per Catalunya. They assure that “they will not fail” if Pedro Sánchez is willing to resolve the political conflict. However, they insist on the self-determination referendum and the amnesty as non-negotiable conditions.

The Spanish government, for its part, considers that pardons could allow progress in the dialogue, but excludes amnesty. According to the Minister of Territorial Policy, Miqel Iceta, “the gravity of the events of 2017 will remain forever”. So, he says, forgiveness “keeps us going, but it is not a clean slate.”

The Executive recognizes that it is aware that the decision to pardon could have political costs, but, he affirms, it assumes it with the objective and the responsibility to normalize the situation in Catalonia. “The advantages and benefits for the community are above, and what we want is to provide this service to Spain”, insisted Minister José Luis Ábalos.

The Supreme Court’s opposition to pardons in a non-binding report is also no problem for Podemos, who argues that now is the time for politics. The spokesperson for the violet formation, Jaume Asens, explained it thus: “When the judges pronounce the sentence, their time is up, it is the time of the Government, because it can correct the effects of the sentence.

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