Aragonès proposes to “transfer powers to the Generalitat to call a referendum” in Catalonia


Posted: Wednesday June 30 2021 1:12 PM

Pere Aragonès insists that the self-determination referendum “is the option which allows separatists and non-separatists to have the possibility of seeing their political position resolve the conflict” in Catalonia. This is how the President of the Generalitat expressed himself in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo, where he recalled that there are other ways through “political will” to be able to carry out this consultation process. on the territory: “There are several ways”.

What ways is the Catalan leader talking about if the unilateral way is excluded and the Constitution must be respected? As Pedro Sánchez recalled this Wednesday morning, if three-fifths of the Lower House do not support a referendum on self-determination – a position of rejection in which, as Sánchez pointed out, the PSOE is also – this will not be possible to celebrate under the protection of the constitutional framework.

“Seven years ago, a debate arose in Congress to transfer the power to call a referendum to the Generalitat of Catalonia,” said Aragonès as an alternative to approving a referendum in Congress, stressing that in 2014 “There was a debate. “So he solved this problem by ensuring that” there are several paths and we must have an open mind if we are to start laying the groundwork for the resolution of this conflict. “

For the moment, the President of the Generalitat has claimed to have verified “a desire for dialogue and conflict resolution” with the Spanish government after the meeting he held on Tuesday with Pedro Sánchez. However, he clarified: “The positions are very distant. We defend the independence and the government of the State the unity of Spain.” In this sense, he reiterated that it is possible to “find means to be able to know the will of the citizens of Catalonia”.

We, separatists, are not going to give up or give up our objectives. What proposal does the government have?

Thus, he also confirmed that what will come out of the dialogue table between the government and the government will be voted on by the people of Catalonia because “it is the agreement that the ERC and the PSOE have”. In other words, this conflict “can only be resolved by democratic and peaceful means, which must be endowed with legal certainty and the agreements must be put to a vote for consultation with the citizens of Catalonia”. A position from which, as Aragonès clarified, the defenders of the independence of Catalan territory will not budge.

“Esquerra will persist in its desire to achieve independence through a democratic, peaceful and civic process,” noted Aragonès, who said that the separatists will not “surrender” or “renounce” their objectives. Faced with his position, he took the opportunity to send a direct message to Sánchez: “What proposal does the state government have? Is it just a “no”? There must be an alternative proposition. Aragonès concluded on this point, also stressing that “the amnesty is the global solution to a repression which continues to manifest itself in the numerous procedures which try to make 1-O a crime”.

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