Archaeological news: British paleontologists accidentally revealed ancient fish as large as a white shark

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In Britain, scientists suddenly found a giant fish fossil, which survived until the end of the dinosaur around 6 million years ago.
In Britain, bacteriologists suddenly found the fossil of a giant fish that survived to the end of the dinosaur around 60 million years ago. This fossil was identified by fossil scientists at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Experts believe that this giant fish is equivalent to the great white shark. This fish is very strange to see.

This fish, found in ancient times, is the largest fish of its kind, which suddenly fell into the hands of scientists. The fish found by scientists is one of the coelacanth species. Professor Martil, who discovered this fossil, said: “I guess this fish was too big.” Scientists said this species of fish remained alive and roamed the ocean even after dinosaurs were eradicated from Earth.

The fish fossil was discovered when Professor Martill was asked to identify a private collection of bones in London. Those who collected these bones bought it as a sample. He believed they were the bones of flying birds. When Professor Martil examined these bones, it was found that one of them was not just one bone, but a bony plate made up of many bones. He said that only coelacanths are such a species that has such bones.

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