Archaeological news: Child’s skeleton found in Israel Cave of Horrors alongside ancient sea scrolls

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Archaeologists in Israel have found a 6,000-year-old skeleton in the “cave of death”. This cave of death is found in the Judean Desert in Israel. The skeleton of a child is found in the dry environment of the cave, a mummy transformed in oil.
In Israel, archaeologists have found the skeleton of a 6,000-year-old child in the “cave of death”. This cave of death is adjacent to the Dead Sea in the Judean Desert of Israel. This cave was renamed the “ Cave of Death ” in the 1960s after going through about 40 hellholes. Researchers found this naturally mummified baby skeleton in the cave’s dry atmosphere.

This skeleton can only be reached by climbing with a rope. The child’s skeletal scan revealed he was between 6 and 12 years old. We think it was a girl. His leather and hair are still partially intact even after 6,000 years. Israeli historian Ronit Lupu said it was natural for whoever buried the child to wrap it in cloth.
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The oldest basket in the world has also been found
Lupu said it happens the same way parents wrap their child in a blanket. The child also had clothes attached to his hand. These skeletons can be found near the catalog paper located in the Dead Sea. This list letter is the oldest letter written in Hebrew. Recently 2000 year old catalog papers have been found from here. According to NBC News, this list letter written in Hebrew was withheld during the Jewish revolt against Rome.

The oldest basket in the world has also been found in this region, which is around 10 thousand years old. Apart from this, arrowheads and coins have been found from here, which are believed to have belonged to the time of Kochba’s revolution. Israeli authorities began digging in the area in 2017 after reports of looting here. Archaeologists are now surprised to find a skeleton built by a 6,000-year-old mummy.

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