Archaeological News: Egyptian archaeologists accidentally uncover ancient rock-hewn tombs in necropolis – 250 amazing mausoleums found in Egypt, 4200 years old, rock-cut appearance

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In Egypt, a land of pyramids, archaeologists have accidentally handed over a precious treasure. Archaeologists have discovered hundreds of amazing mausoleums during the general archaeological investigation.
Archaeologists in Egypt, a land of pyramids, accidentally found precious treasure. Archaeologists found hundreds of mausoleums during the general archaeological survey near the Hamidiyah cemetery near Sohag. About four thousand years old, these tombs were shaped into a mausoleum by carving out a rock. It is said that a total of 250 mausoleums have been discovered on the west bank of the Nile.

Researchers have reported that these mausoleums were built between 2200 BC and 30 BC. These mausoleums are built in many different styles. They are built on different levels inside the mountains. A mausoleum has a false door and always has a pictorial script on it. In some paintings, people offer to God on behalf of the deceased.
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This site has been in use for almost 2 thousand years
Egyptian archaeological officer Mustafa Waziri said some mausoleums have one or more tombs. Many graves were prepared by building ramps that end at the burial place of corpses. A mausoleum is about 4 thousand years old. By this time, the Old Kingdom of Egypt had reached its slope. Waziri said they have been used for burial for many centuries.

Archaeologists have also found bones of humans and animals. Apart from this, many earthen pots and pieces have been found which were used for the last rites. He said that clay pottery pottery was also found. Archaeologists believe that some of the inscriptions belong to the Sixth Dynasty which ruled from 2345 to 2181 AD. They estimate that this place has been in use for about 2 thousand years.

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