Archaeological news: Mask of the Mayan civilization of Mexico found in an archaeological site in Yucatán – Mexico has found the secret mystical mask of the Mayan civilization, surprising world

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A mysterious giant mask from the Mayan civilization has been found in the Latin American country of Mexico. This mask is shaped like a human being and this huge mask is said to be around 2300 years old.
The Latin American country of Mexico has found a mysterious giant mask of the Mayan civilization. This mask is shaped like a human being and is believed to be around 2,300 years old. This mask was recovered in the state of Yucatan in Mexico. This mask is made of marble used in buildings. This mask is believed to be that of an unknown deity or an elite person.

This huge mask was discovered in 2017 at the Ukanha archaeological site, but archaeological experts are still working hard to restore it. The National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico released a statement saying that this marble and lime mask represents a human being who could be a deity or a socially influential person.
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This mask is very bright to see. The people of the Mayan civilization kept their masks near the steps of the pyramid. Earlier archaeologists found such masks at two other archaeological sites. The masks were found in the mound of Mayan civilization found at the Ukanha archaeological site. This mask was re-buried for a short time to keep it safe until it could be properly studied and preserved. It was searched again in 2018.

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