Archaeological news: Ornate prehistoric bronze sword excavated in Denmark – 3000-year-old bronze sword found in Denmark, archaeologists shocked to see condition

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Archaeologists have found the oldest bronze sword from a field in Denmark, and archaeologists are also surprised to see the condition of this approximately 3,000-year-old sword.
Archaeologists found a bronze sword in a field in Denmark. Archaeologists are also surprised to see the condition of this approximately 3,000-year-old sword. The wood grain and horns of the sword are still in very good condition. Investigator Jasper Hansen, chief investigator at the Odense City Museum, said the find is very special because this ancient sword was found in very safe condition.

Jesper said we are managing this 3000 year old wonder. It is said that during excavations at the loss of West F√ľnen, the third largest island in Denmark. To add bronze to this sword, horns and antlers have been attached. This sword is ornate and is believed to have been buried under a custom. He was wrapped and buried with a special substance before the burial.

Expert digging sword while digging soil

Many organics of the sword still exist
It is said that a gas pipeline will leave this area and in view of this, excavations are underway. Earlier last year, the museum surveyed the area for 60 km. This sword was found in the last part. Even after being buried for almost 3 thousand years, many organic materials of this sword are still completely intact.

Bronze was made by mixing copper and tin. It was a major find at that time and could return the sword etc. stronger. There was evidence of the use of bronze in Serbia 7 thousand years ago. It is said that bronze was imported from Central Europe at this time. Agriculture began in this region about 6 thousand years ago.

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