Archeology News: Tanzania Two Million Years of Stone Tools Found at Ewass Oldupa – Oldest Man-Made Weapon Found in Tanzania, 26 lakh Years Old, This ‘Treasure’

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International archaeologists in Tanzania have found large quantities of 26 million year old stone tools, fossilized bones and these oldest tools have been found in Iwas Oldupa in northern Tanzania. A greeting
In Tanzania, a team of international archaeologists and bacteriologists unearthed large quantities of 26 million year old stone tools and fossilized bones. These tools were found in Iwas Oldupa, in northern Tanzania. This discovery revealed that around two million years ago, the Olduvai people lived in a different and rapidly changing environment.

The Olduwai people lived on everything from spiky grasslands to naturally scorched land. The tools of these people were the oldest tools in the world. These tools were made around 26 million years ago by the species Homo habilis. They were considered a milestone in the history of human development. Professor Tristan Carter associated with the discovery said: “Our research sheds light on the distant origins and evolutionary history of man.”

The oldest stone tools made in Tanzania

“ Humans and animals lived near the waters ”
Carter said this discovery of the valley revealed a geological history and ancient sediment dating back two million years, in which stone and human remains are very well preserved. He said stone tools and animal remains (wild animals, pigs, hippos, panthers, lions, birds) were found at the Iwas Oldduppa site, suggesting humans and animals lived in proximity to the watershed.

Researcher Carter said his research suggests that the geological and tree plants near Evas Oldduppa have changed very quickly. Even after that, humans have continued to come here for the past two years. He said humans of that time lived in all kinds of natural places. These areas were periodically buried under ash after the eruption of volcanoes.

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