Archiving of the Punic case of Cristina Cifuentes when the judge considered that he had not participated in the alleged illegal financing of the PP


Publication: Tuesday, April 20, 2021 12:04 PM

The investigating judge of the Púnica case, Manuel García Castellón, filed the case against the former president of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, considering that it has not been proven that she participated in the alleged illegal financing of the PP of the Community of Madrid.

Thus, Castellón explains in his car that this investigation was based on a police report in which he noted allegations of irregularities committed in the cafeteria, kitchen and dining room contract at the Madrid Assembly.

However, after all the procedures applied so far, it is concluded that Cifuentes did not participate in the financial management of Fundescam (the foundation that received the alleged irregular donations), and concludes that the imputation of the former leader “is based on mere speculation, absent of any indicative evidence that supports it.”

Investigated since September 2019, Cifuentes had already requested the closure of the case on November 10, a fact which was confirmed on Tuesday “because the commission of the crimes was not duly justified”, insists the magistrate.

New acquittal after the Master’s case

After this new order, Cifuentes would see its own legal route, especially after another important conviction, because on February 15 the police were acquitted of the main case after concluding that “nothing has been proven about the forgery. of the document in question “, with reference to the transcript of the notes which provoked the trial.

However, the decision in the Punic case is not yet final, the appeals likely to be presented are still pending. It is therefore a “provisional dismissal”, which is still preparing the sentence for Cifuentes.

At the same time, the dismissal of the lawyer of the Madrid Assembly, Tatiana Recoder, and of the president of the Cantoblanco group, Arturo Fernández, in whom the crimes of prevarication and corruption for the service contract are also not appreciated. .

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