Are classes resuming tomorrow? Are all centers clean?

Publication: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 10:56

The children of Madrid will return to class tomorrow, Wednesday 20, although doubts remain as to how this return to class will be due to the ice that still covers the streets of the region.

According to the latest data from the City Council, eight schools in Madrid suffered structural damage due to the effects of Storm Filomena, although they may open their doors, according to Deputy Mayor Begoña Villacís.

“The damage is of various kinds. Most cases will be compatible with the reopening, but the area will be cordoned off. Inspection work is in progress,” insisted the municipal official.

The city council has signed an emergency agreement with the public company Tragsa to clean school entrances. They have already been cleared of snow and ice in the entrances and interiors of 273 educational centers, with data from Monday, for which this Tuesday there would be only 48 to adapt.

506 centers with access problems

As for the region, the Community Education Council recorded a total of 927 incidents and damage to educational centers caused by the passage of the storm until noon yesterday.

Of all this damage, the vast majority is due to access problems on public roads: 506 centers had problems in this regard. In addition, 40 incidents occurred on the roofs of main buildings and 73 on the roofs of sports or auxiliary buildings, 59 in non-essential exterior elements, 75 due to leaks, 5 to broken doors or windows, 275 falling trees or branches, 77 due to boiler or heating failure, 92 due to plumbing, 20 due to broken electrical panel, 7 due to lack of internet connection, 7 due to damage to kitchens, 33 due to damage to patios and their components and 164 due to access difficulties.

Despite official data, many parents share the status of their children’s schools on social networks to denounce that, less than 24 hours after the resumption of presence in schools, the conditions of the facilities are far from being the right ones.

Some, moreover, are already getting worse and even expect a further delay in returning to school.

Tomorrow, ESO’s early childhood, primary and special education, and first and second students will return. Due to the fact that during this course they have a mixed modality, on Thursdays the third and fourth students of ESO and first and second of the baccalaureate, FP, adult education and special diet will return to class.

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