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F1 2021 preview: Are there any surprises for the Codemasters simulation? Posted on Jun 2nd, 2021 at 7:32 pm If there is a team that doesn’t suffer from competition on the F1 simulation track, it’s Codemasters. The UK studio is gearing up for the July 16 release of F1 2021, inspired by a flawless F1 2020. And the new collaboration with EA Sports has some tempting surprises in store. After Electronic Arts took over Codemasters, we can rightly expect the British to knock down their official and prestigious license, that of the Formula 1 World Championship, a month and a half after its release. F1 2021: Gameplay on the Spa-Francorchamps racetrack Preview conditions The publisher EA Sports has provided us with a preview version of F1 2021 via a PC code. The latter offered 3 game modes, namely the career (condensed version), the Grand Prix and the time trial. Except for the legends, all official drivers and cars were available and 6 racetracks could be tested: Bahrain, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Great Britain, Azerbaijan.

A well-oiled engine

In the tradition of F1 2020, the license’s future gameplay doesn’t surprise in the feelings. Whether on the controller or at the wheel, the sensations are good in expert mode (see below) grip changes, if you stray a little off the track or tire wear, a feeling of classic speed and technical criteria to understand well not lose the thread of the race. We also didn’t see a blatant change in the behavior of the AIs, which were pretty gruesome without playing the bumper car game on high difficulty. Regulars won’t be disoriented unless the final version changes something at that point. For the little “extras” of gameplay, note the presence of a redesigned HUD. The display of the technical parameters on the screen has been moved down the screen axis for the classic and third-person view. So at the bottom right of F1 2020 it’s less of a limiting factor to see what’s happening on the retro right. In addition, it is possible to see and set parameters (such as the differential) live and even call up information via the radio in your stable much more intuitively. The game adds three predefined settings called “Casual”, “Standard” and “Expert” before starting a game. As with other motorsport games, the former is easier with assisted braking and shifting, while the latter is much more technical and requires a significant number of adjustments to be made before the races.

Layers in graphics, less so in animations

This isn’t exactly where you’d expect to find a Formula 1 game, but Codemasters has put a lot of effort into the past few seasons when it comes to graphics and driver modeling. We find all official drivers perfectly represented in the paddock, on the podium with good results or simply in the selection mask. Ditto for the team bosses, even if their appearances are seldom like Toto Wolff for Mercedes-Benz (who you still risk seeing regularly given the dominance of your team). Additionally, in July, F1 2021 will integrate drivers of legends with an impressive range of quality and talent, including Frenchman Alain Prost. On the other hand, we are waiting to see if the reviews of these pilots have a real impact on the gameplay and if the animations of the protagonists (in the boxes, on the podium, etc.) are renewed because they are generally calmly repetitive. F1 2021: Several laps at the Bahrain Grand Prix

The most tempting thing to come

Even if the latter was available in a compressed version in our preview with only 10 races, i.e. 4 repetitions, the career mode will retain some interesting functions, such as: B. the rivalry with another driver, the research and development of his vehicle, the fact that he was able to compete in Formula 2 (the lower category) … But this light version did not reassure us about the real interest of the thing compared to the My Stable mode, which is much more advanced and also has the same features as mentioned above. But an addition could change the situation. EA Sports and Codemasters recently announced a scenario mode called Braking Point. The latter will incorporate the character of Devon Butler, the rival of the last scenario mode so far in F1 2019. When added to Career mode, it can really give him a stamp of approval and interest in the face of the overwhelming My Stable mode. Impossible to tell you more since it is missing from the preview, just like another long-awaited novelty. In addition to the classic and fast-paced split-screen games, it will be possible to play the game in co-op mode in the career. Blessed bread, if the thing offers some depth in its handling, for we don’t see how the fun could be lacking. How do you lead a team as a duo? The possibility of still being an opponent in your career? Questions still unanswered. F1 2021: A few laps on the Silverstone tracks Our impressions The expectation that the F1 2021 arouses does not really lie in the technical aspect, the last opus of the racing sensations was so convincing. Our first contacts with the baby of the new EA Sports and Codemasters collaboration were unsurprising on this point, and we always risk so much joy in heating the rubber next July. Above all, we hope that the new content announced and still hidden, namely a cooperative career mode and the Braking Point Story mode, will help to dominate the discipline even more. Mercedes style? Editorial team June 2nd, 2021 at 7:32:20 PM

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