Are we better than a year ago? The coronavirus situation in Spain facing the summer

Posted: Sunday June 13 2021 3:07 PM

With just a few days of the start of summer, some of the main indicators of the pandemic in Spain continue to stabilize and on a downward trend. We observe it if we look at the evolution of the cumulative incidence in the last 14 days of this last week and compare it with last year.

In June 2020, we were in the so-called “new normal” with less than 25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Now, although in decline, the situation is worse. Infections have increased and we are at medium risk, with over 108 cases.

However, the vaccination has led to a great improvement in the situation in the intensive care units. In 2020, at the gates of the holidays, these accommodations were still saturated, with virtually no change. A hospital tension which, after the summer, led us to the second wave of the pandemic.

Now, instead, you drop off patients in intensive care. What does all this data tell us? How do you get to summer? For the moment, this Sunday, Aragon does not register any deaths, but it registers 71 new cases of COVID. Navarre adds 50 positives, Murcia 30 and in Cantabria there are five confirmed cases.

The data is positive, yes, but experts remind us that infections continue and people continue to die. The pandemic continues and there is no need to relax this summer.

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