Are you a micro-entrepreneur? Find out how to train for free in soft skills and digital skills

Are you a micro-entrepreneur? Find out how to train for free in soft skills and digital skills

Through its platform, Bizpills Group will enable the professional development of the 500 microentrepreneurs participating in the program; offering over 300 soft skills and digital literacy courses and programs

BY RRHHDigital, 4:15 p.m. – June 16, 2021

BIZPILLS GROUP, a human resources technology consulting company specializing in e-learning solutions for businesses, has signed a collaboration agreement with Fundación MAPFRE. Thanks to this alliance, the 500 beneficiaries who receive aid from the II Call We Access COVID 2021 will have free access to more than 300 courses and training programs in soft skills and digital knowledge.

Under an interface reminiscent of the most popular streaming platforms, and thanks to its agile and dynamic training resources, Bizpills Group facilitates the learning and retention of knowledge. Interactive, podcasts, videos …, which will increase motivation and promote the self-development of participants. And all this, with a methodology that realizes the habits. Covering all phases of the natural learning process, to achieve tangible changes in professionals.

“At Bizpills Group, we are firmly committed to harnessing technological innovation for the development of talent, and we are convinced that this alliance with Fundación MAPFRE will help to take a new step in helping small and medium-sized enterprises in this area. Through our platform, we want to offer aid recipients an online, agile and attractive training that will allow them to boost the professional skills of their teams. »José Luis de Federico, founder and CEO of the Bizpills group.

With the Bizpills group, AICAD, the business school of digital leaders, and ASTEX, one of the most important companies in Spain in the field of language courses, have joined the collaboration, thus offering a training proposal online 360º with the most relevant and necessary skills for professionals. development.

Soft Skills and Digital Skills – The Value Added Organizations Need

The technological development of the last decades has brought about unprecedented changes in the workplace and in organizations. New professions have emerged, new generations of 100% digital employees, and new automated and cloud-based workspaces. Faced with this prospect, the development of “human” soft skills that machines cannot reproduce, in combination with more technical or digital skills, has become a key element in facing the future challenges facing professionals.

In this way, professionals who have developed skills such as resilience, creativity, emotional intelligence or leadership, among others; and possess digital knowledge and skills, they will adapt more quickly to transformations, integrate better with technological advances and work more efficiently.

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