“Are you good at anything other than eating the bosses chicken?”

Posted: Saturday May 1, 2021 7:55 PM

Rita Maestre, advisor and spokesperson for Más Madrid at Madrid City Hall, shared on her Twitter profile a scandalous sexist attack she received from a man on this social network.

This user’s disgusting post is the result of a tweet from Maestre, in which the Más Madrid adviser echoed a headline from Almeida. “I have so many exes that it is impossible not to meet them,” said the mayor of Madrid, alluding to some controversial statements from Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Rita Maestre, for her part, responded to this title by speaking of Almeida like this: “Of a mayor by chance, a vocation as spokesperson for the PP and a profession of assistant in the films of ‘Esteso y Pajares “.

It was then that a Twitter user responded to Maestre’s post with an outrageous message in which he asked if it was useful for anything “other than eating bosses polls.” “The question is, what are you being paid for with public money,” he said.

The Más Madrid councilor has decided to share this message on her Twitter profile to denounce “the brutal level of misogyny” that women receive “every day, at all times”. “There comes a point where you normalize it and only sometimes you realize it’s something horrible that shouldn’t happen,” Maestre says.

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