Argentina legalizes abortion: Argentina gives legal authorization for abortion and becomes first country in Latin America – Argentina becomes first country in Latin America to legalize abortion

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The Argentine Senate has passed a bill legalizing abortion. Women fought for this right, but the Church opposed it. The bill legalized the abortion of a pregnant woman for up to 14 weeks.
The Argentine Senate has passed a bill legalizing abortion. Women have fought for this right for decades. The bill passed by majority vote in the Senate on Wednesday. The bill legalized abortion for pregnant women up to 14 weeks. Not only that, in cases of rape or threat to the life of a pregnant woman, abortion is legalized even after 14 weeks.

The vote, after a discussion that lasted nearly 12 hours on Tuesday, saw 38 votes in favor of the bill and 29 in opposition, while one was absent. The lower house of parliament, the “Chamber of Deputies”, has already approved this bill and was supported by President Alberto Fernandez. Women’s rights activists have been fighting for this for a long time. However, the Church was opposed to this law.

On this historic occasion, Presidential Party MP Monica Macha tweeted: “Sisters, we did it”. We made history. We did it together. I don’t have the word for this occasion. The bill was supported by President Alberto’s party. With this decision, we can now hear a change in a religiously conservative Latin America. Abortion is only legally permitted in Cuba, Uruguay, and parts of Mexico throughout the region. Argentina is a Catholic country where abortion has been opposed.

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