Argentina’s Corfo Lake turns bright pink due to sodium sulfite pollution

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In Argentina, all the water in a huge lake in southern Patagonia has turned pink Environmental activists say the reason for this lake’s pink is a chemical sesodium sulfate, an antibacterial product, which is used in the Buenos Aires fish factory
Our nature must fall victim to human greed all over the world. The latest case is Argentina, where all the water in a huge lake in southern Patagonia has turned pink. Experts and environmental activists say the reason the lake turns pink is because of a chemical used to export lobster.

Experts say the color of the water in this lake is due to sodium sulfate, which is an antibacterial product used in fish factories. Its waste is held responsible for the pollution of the Chubut River. The water from this river goes to Corfo Lake and other water sources.

The lake was a victim of corporate negligence
Locals have long complained that a lot of environmental damage is happening around the river and lake, but no action has been taken so far. Environmental activist Pablo Lada said those responsible for preserving the environment are poisoning people. It is said that this lake had turned pink last week.

Lada said that until Sunday the water in this river was pink. She lives in a nearby town. Environmental engineer Federico said the color of this water is pink due to sodium sulfate. He said that by law, fish waste must be cleaned before it is released into the river or water. The company located near the lake does not respect the law.

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