arif alvi india afghanistan terrorism: poisonous words of pakistani president, india spreads terrorism in afghanistan

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Pakistani President Arif Alvi again issues poisonous statements against India Alvi asserted that India supports extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan India uses Afghanistan for “hybrid” war against Pakistan Islamabad
Pakistani President Arif Alvi, home to Kashmir terrorists, has once again made poisonous statements against India. Alvi said on Wednesday that India supports extremism and terrorism in our neighboring country, Afghanistan. He said India is using the land of Afghanistan for a “hybrid” war against Pakistan. The President of Pakistan claimed that India was doing this to destabilize Pakistan.

The Pakistani president also said that the recent explosion outside the home of Lashkar founder Hafiz Saeed in the city of Johor, Lahore, was carried out with the support of India. Hafiz Saeed is the conspirator of the 2008 Bombay terrorist attack and the leader of the banned Jamaat-ud-Dawa. In a statement released by the office of the President of Pakistan, it was said that India was carrying out terrorist activities in the country to destabilize Pakistan.

Indian Foreign Ministry denies Pakistan’s claims
Also earlier, Alvi accused India of spreading terrorism on Pakistani soil. After that, India’s Foreign Ministry vehemently denied these Pakistan claims. India had said that the alleged evidence of India’s involvement in the terrorist attacks in Pakistan is fictitious. In his latest statement, Alvi said: “India is conspiring to destabilize Pakistan by giving money to militant organizations.

The Pakistani president had made several toxic allegations against India even after meeting with Turkish Army Chief General Umit Dundar in the past. Alvi claimed that India encourages terrorism in Pakistan through Afghanistan. Train and give money to terrorists. He called on General Umit to help Pakistan. This statement by the Pakistani president comes at a time when Turkey and Pakistan are jointly carrying out several cooperation programs in the area of ​​secret defense.

Also raised the issue of the abolition of Article 370 in Kashmir
Alvi said there is an illegal trade in uranium used in atomic bombs in India, but the international community is keeping quiet about it. He also raised the issue of the repeal of section 370 in Kashmir. The Pakistani president stressed that Pakistan, along with Turkey, will further strengthen cooperation between the two. He said huge opportunities exist in the areas of trade, defense and culture.

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