ARM64EC, ARM emulation improves in Windows 11

The reality is that all news these days is made by Windows 11. Microsoft’s new operating system continues to grab the headlines, though not always positive. Yesterday, on schedule, the first version of Windows 11 arrived. And it was indicated that they were going to evaluate the functioning of the processors of at least the seventh generation of Intel. But there was also talk of a new binary emulation interface in Windows 11 ARM called ARM64EC. We will explain to you what it is beyond acronyms and the importance of this technology.

Windows 11 ARM will improve application emulation

First of all, it should be noted that devices with ARM processors will upgrade to Windows 11. This way there is no room for fragmentation, and it would be low if there was due low impact on sales. Now Microsoft wants to offer developers a new Compatible Emulation Interface (EC) that will allow developers to update their applications to run natively on ARM. All of this although there are dependencies or plugins that are not working in ARM at the moment.

With ARM64EC, developers can “freely mix and match” the ARM64EC emulation layer and native ARM 64 by running ARM64EC in (part) an application, while any native ARM 64 code will run under Windows 11 in emulation. Integrated ARM. According to Microsoft, this has great advantages as we state below:

Previously, redoing an application for ARM required redoing the entire application. It was a great native experience for users taking advantage of ARM’s full potential. For developers, however, it can mean all or nothing as everything has to be rebuilt for users to benefit.

With ARM64EC, you can start small and scale the application over time. You can identify the parts of your code that would benefit the most from native performance and rebuild them to ARM64EC. The rest of the application will still be as functional as it is emulated, but parts recompiled like ARM64EC will have native speed. Later, other areas of the application can be recompiled to improve performance and improve the autonomy of an application.

Great news for users who believe ARM is the future. Now, Windows allows you to partially or fully recompile an application and enjoy applications that perform better every day in ARM.

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