Armenia War in Azerbaijan has broken out again: Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh and war again in Azerbaijan, Russia deploys army

Yerevan / Baku
After the intervention of US President Donald Trump, the humanitarian ceasefire of Armenia and Azerbaijan appears to be ending. Armenia and Azerbaijan have accused each other of carrying out violent attacks. The Azerbaijani government said 21 people died in a missile attack by Armenia near Nagorno-Karabakh. Meanwhile, Armenia alleged that the Azerbaijani army continuously attacked with rockets, in which many people were killed.

Armenia said the Azerbaijani army was carrying out attacks against civilians in Nagorno-Karabakh. Meanwhile, Russian communications agency Ria Novosti confirmed to the Armenian Prime Minister that Russian border guards have been deployed on the Armenian border in Nagorno-Karabakh. The Armenian prime minister said there was nothing special about the deployment of Russian border guards.

War between Armenia and Azerbaijan ends after 29 days; the humanitarian ceasefire is marked

Armenian soldiers fire missiles at Burda
Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan said: “Russian border guards are present at Armenia’s border with Turkey and Iran. Now, after this latest development, Russian border guards have been deployed along the southeastern and southwestern border of the country. Wednesday’s fighting comes after Trump’s humanitarian ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Hikmet Haziyev, assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, said Armenian troops fired the missile at Burda. Not only that, the Armenian army used a cluster bomb which killed a large number of civilians. Azerbaijan said 21 ordinary civilians were killed and at least 70 others injured in the attack. Meanwhile, Armenia has alleged that its army has deliberately withdrawn from some places and that Azerbaijan is now building a terrorist base in which Turkey is helping them.

Russia has given Turkey a serious warning in gestures
Armenia has admitted that the Azerbaijani army captured a strategically important town of Gubadali bordering Iran. Previously, Russia had given serious warning to foreign forces, including gestures, Turkey, Israel. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that a diplomatic solution to this crisis is possible. He warned all foreign forces to stop promoting his military solution. Lavrov said it is no secret that we do not support the possibility of a military solution to this problem.

Turkey announces military dispatch to Azerbaijan
The Russian Foreign Minister said that we believe Armenia and Azerbaijan are our friendly countries. We do not support the idea of ​​military solutions. Earlier, Turkey, which wanted to become a “Khalifa” in Central Asia, had announced that it was ready to send its army if the request came from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan and Armenia, neighboring countries of the Russian superpower, are fighting for the occupation of the Nagorno-Karabakh region and if Turkey adheres to it, there will be a risk of World War III.

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