Armenian PM warns of military coup: Armenia embroiled in another crisis, PM accuses army of plotting coup – Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan warns of coup ‘State military army

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Armenia, in the throes of a war with Azerbaijan, was beset by another catastrophe. The Armenian Prime Minister has warned that the army could attempt a coup. The military has said Nicole and her cabinet must quit permanently.
Armenia, which has been at war with Azerbaijan for days over Nagorno-Karabakh, is now surrounded by yet another disaster. Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan has warned that the military could attempt a coup. The prime minister’s statement comes at a time when the country’s military has said Nicole and her cabinet must step down.

Prime Minister Nicole told thousands of his supporters gathered in the capital Yerevan: “The army must accept public and elected authority”. At the same time, his opponents organize another rally. In fact, senior military officials are angry that the Prime Minister has sacked their Commander-in-Chief. Prime Minister Nicol faces strong opposition after a bad defeat at the hands of Azerbaijan.

“ The army’s first statement attempted to carry out a military coup ”
Armenia lost a lot in this Nagorno-Karabakh war. It also includes a very important town of Shusha. After Russia’s mediation, thousands of Russian soldiers are stationed in this area. On the other hand, in his defense, Prime Minister Nicole said he considered the military’s earlier statement to be an attempted “military coup”.

Nicole told her supporters to gather in Republic Square in the center of the capital Yerevan. After that, thousands of people gathered at Republic Chowk. Nicole said: “The army is not a political institution and attempts to get involved in the political process are unacceptable.” However, he invited the opposition to come to the negotiating table to resolve the crisis. The Prime Minister insisted that the change of power should only happen through elections.

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