arms raised and chants of ‘facing the sun’ after violating anti-coronavirus measures

National police officers have identified 35 people who arrived in Valladolid on a bus from Madrid to participate in a concentration organized by the Spanish Phalange des JONS and La Falange (FE). According to the government delegation, the identified persons will be proposed for sanction for non-compliance with the closure of the perimeter.

The concentration, under the slogan “For national sovereignty. For social rights ”and which took place in Plaza Portugalete between 12 noon and 1:30 pm, it had about a hundred participants at the time of the“ greatest influx ”. There, they demonstrated with raised arms, making the fascist salute, while chanting the “face in the sun”.

After this act, the national police identified the 35 people who were traveling in a bus displaced from outside the autonomous community. The concentration took place just hours after the Supreme Court in Madrid approved the ban on holding feminist protests in Madrid due to the “risk” posed to health by the gathering of thousands of people in the capital.

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