Around 700 people demonstrate for Pablo Hasél in Barcelona with fewer incidents than in previous days

Publication: Monday, February 22, 2021 10:35 PM

Some 700 people demonstrated in Barcelona in favor of the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél and on the seventh consecutive day of appeals the incidents were minor. During the demonstration in Barcelona, ​​in which the Mossos arrested two people who had pending legal requests and a third for public unrest in the Gran Vía area of ​​Girona, almost no container burned and only once the police dissolved the demonstrators with their vans.

On the seventh day of the demonstrations, rain made its appearance in Barcelona, ​​forcing the first groups of people to come to the Arc de Triomphe at seven in the afternoon to take refuge under this monument. According to data from the Barcelona Urban Guard, the march brought together some 700 people, summoned by the CDRs and the Finish the Game platform.

After the usual actions of the rappers, the demonstrators began to march an hour later towards the Estación de Francia and from there they walked through Paseo Colón to Via Laietana, where they went up to the police station. national. Protesters stopped in front of the police station and some started cursing the police and throwing objects at them, like bottles, so the Mossos d’Esquadra warned them that if the launches continued they should intervene.

Finally, the demonstrators chose to continue their march, taking garbage bags and containers and leaving them in the middle of the road. Some started burning containers at the intersection of Girona Street with Ronda Sant Pere and although the rain made things more difficult, some eventually started to burn. In the Gran Via in Girona, the Mossos used their vans to disperse the demonstrators, which in police slang is called a “carousel”, until small groups formed.

The Mossos have activated mediation agents but, so far, have not found any interlocutors to try to organize the acts of protest, according to their Twitter account. This Monday there were also protests in Girona and Tarragona, both without incident. According to local police, some two hundred people demonstrated in Girona to protest the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel without any incident this time.

The first rally took place in Plaza 1 d’Octubre, from where the participants went to the courts, where they encountered the police line that protected the building. Subsequently, the demonstration reached the delegation of the Generalitat in Girona, where a manifesto with slogans was read announcing that the mobilization will continue in the coming days, in favor of “real change” and support for Hasel with the phrase “Rape is not a crime.”

About a hundred people demonstrated in the center of Tarragona to demand the freedom of the rapper, in an act that went off without incident and ended with the burning of photographs of the King Emeritus and Felipe VI. “You Bourbons are thieves. Liberty Pablo Hasel” and “Solidarity our best weapon. Together we will overthrow the regime” were the slogans on some banners carried by the demonstrators.

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