Arrimadas reaches out to Sánchez to do “good things for Spain”

Publication: Sunday, January 17, 2021 11:25

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, explains her party’s request to the government to avoid “total and lasting” house arrest. In an interview with “El Periódico”, Arrimadas advocates “the hardening of measures by consensus”.

Regarding this agreement, Arrimadas defends that “it must include direct aid to those affected, increased teleworking, mass tests and an acceleration of vaccination”. He says his party will question whether a decision is “correct” or not by giving its support to a particular formation.

“Sometimes we’ll have to reach out to the left or the right, come up with things that aren’t easy, others we’ll say ‘no, that’s not happening.’ And then there’s the allocation of judges. “It’s up to me, Sánchez, not to call on me to distribute the judges. The hand extended for what? To do good for Spain, yes, to do bad for Spain, no,” he argues.

For Arrimadas, “the privileges of politicians always generate problems”, referring to the favorable opinion of certain ministers concerning the pardons of Catalan politicians in prison for the referendum on October 1.

“What do we gain by forgiving them? That they start again? That is to say prolong the trial? This is why voting for the PSC is, indirectly, lengthening the” trial “,” adds he does.

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