Arrimadas will meet Fernández Mañueco on Monday to ensure the stability of the government of Castilla y León


Updated: Thursday, March 11, 2021 11:44 AM

Published on: 11.03.2021 11:13

Inés Arrimadas is preparing a meeting with the president of Castilla y León for next Monday to ensure that this coalition of the PP and Ciudadanos is not in danger, as LaSexta has learned and is advancing Al Rojo Vivo.

Likewise, the leader of the citizens of Castilla y León and vice-president of the board, Francisco Igea, also did the same and conveyed this message of union to Mañueco. Thus, the spokesperson for the Regional Executive, who appeared at a press conference, quoted the verbatim words that the President of the Council uttered during this meeting: “Look at Paco, whatever happens, I will not call elections, the people will not do it. Understand it. “, he said. A statement that has been corroborated by the president himself.

In this sense, Igea expressed this Thursday his “absolute confidence” in all the lawyers of the Citizens’ Parliamentary Group, and was convinced that none of them is willing to change the direction of his vote in the motion of censorship “by a gift.”

“They are the best in our party, they are the soul of our party,” said Igea, who warned bluntly that anyone who thinks citizens’ lawyers are going to change the direction of their vote is because they don’t know not. them: “less than I know them”, he added, and he concludes: “This party keeps its commitments and when they are kept, we comply with them, because we are people of our word”, he said. -he assures.

Citizens, against Tudanca

Igea also stressed that the statements of the PSOE general secretary, Luis Tudanca, – who slipped that there might be citizens’ lawyers in favor of supporting the censure motion – “lack the same rigor”. The vice-president goes even further: he assures that Tudanca will have to “give many explanations” to these hypotheses.

For the motion presented against Mañueco to succeed, the Socialists need at least four more lawyers, since they have 35 from their party and 2 from Unidos Podemos, who total 37 (they should reach 41 for the majority) . In other words, whatever the vote of the UPL and Por Ávila parties, yes or yes, it would take two citizens’ votes.

In view of this, sources from the Orange party confirmed to LaSexta that some of the party’s wayward prosecutors are still following Inés Arrimadas’ directives; In addition, this Wednesday, the party leadership has already confirmed that it will not support the motion. In this way, Ciudadanos maintains its union with the popular.

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